What to expect - Niada Cradle Photography

1. Pre-Session Consultation

*Our First phone call we discuss your goals for the session.

*Pick a date for your amazing session.

*Discuss end products for your home.

*Session location based on vision.

*Fees  and get model release. 

2. Planning and Pre-Order

*Choose Color pallette that contain  complimentary of 4-5 colors

* You'll receive a link with stunning product options in great detail. Consider measuring walls of where you're considering adding your art work. 

*Let the family know we will have fun on portrait day.

*Preferably we will do a quick look at images you love that I should further edit. 

*We schedule your order session for you to review your heirlooms. 

3.  Receive Heirlooms

*In approximately 2-6 weeks (based on personalization options) your order comes in and we celebrate Your new art!

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