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January 4, 2019

  We did it. We kept our goals. If it's just to be sane or just to smile more you did it.  Four days into January and we have a contract with a magazine and some engagements (I can't post yet) for the New Year. Either way I have to tell someone. So tag your it.  It's also good to 'Santa' a few clients their wedding album.  With something as special as your family heirloom  it deserves the best treatment. Peace and Blessings,  Niada

December 23, 2018

Well it's right around the corner, Christmas 2018.

This year has been a blast and the desire to turn this family memory,

To this...

Well not quite the same packaging but in my mind that was how it was supposed to look.  It may have come out more like this.  Nailed it!  

Isn't that just like life to make you think everyone else's world is a Pinterest post with unicorns in a beautiful box while your stuff is just a little tattered?  Wait I thought this was about  photography? It is. But to get to there we have to get from here.  My role as a professional photographer is so much more than me behind a camera. Everyone has a camera but does everyone desire to help.  As a full-time wife, mom, photographer of over ten years plus I can truly say that now is the time I've finally got a grip on what it means to capture your elements. Not a Christmas camera will truly capture those areas. Often times I'm a counselor, hugger or just a listener.  I'm so thankful to have the best family, friends, neighbors and associates that go along with me for my shenanigans.  We all need a little help sometimes. Some just package it better than others.

Special Thanks to Leaklocators of Clayton for adding Niada Cradle Photography as a part this year.  When my sign falls down they pick it up and we keep it moving.

Enjoy a few more images from an early year in review portraits and wedding throughout Raleigh, and Smithfield at the Historic Oak View,NC State Arboretum and additional places throughout.


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