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Elegance? Elopement? Courthouse?

We shoot love detailing life moments as art for inclusivity regardless of race, gender and body. 

 Who you choose to tell your story is as important as the story itself. 

It’s no secret that there are a lot of photographers for you to choose from. The question is, how will you find someone who can capture your day the way that you envision?  Let  Niada Cradle Photography have the honor to partner with you for your wedding. I'm not just your photographer, I'm your storyteller and friend.

In 2004, my husband and I had a one-month courtship to marriage within four months we found love along with our love of photography. My aunt gifted us with a photographer for our wedding and fifteen plus years later the only images I have are from my sister-in-law's cell phone. I don't want this to happen to another bride. That's why I customize your collection for your moment and use only the best labs to create your albums that are referred by my membership to Professional Photographers of America.      

The flowers will fade. The day will be a blur but the joy you have from your images will bring you right back to that place with your family members.   I want you to have that moment over again as you share with your family and friends your love story.  We offer intimate to luxury wedding photography experiences. Which are a few important reasons why we think we could be a good fit for you.

Your intimate ceremony will be documented with the same quality as a 300 guest celebration.  I work with you from the engagement session until after your wedding day. 

I'm not just your friend, we are very much family as you chose to have me as a guest with this milestone.  Every wedding I still cry as it's my honor to attend the moment you've waited for and to watch the intentional planning come to life.   Elopement collections start at $850 for two hours coverage and Wedding day collections starting at $1,500.

We cover it all from your creative Bridal boudoir session, design a wedding day outline, help style your album, pick your products and assist you along the way.   

 We would be honored to help you with this milestone to tell your storybook wedding, religious renewal or vow commitment.   Let's discuss your options and design your vision. 

Our collections start with:

A complimentary engagement session

Two photographers

At least 5 hours

Print Options

A Wedding Album or Book

**From there we get to create your story**

If you are planning an elopement or international wedding we would love to hear from you to customize a package that meets your specific needs.  Congratulations!


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